Day #306 Efficiency and Recycling – Character Development, Week #44

“Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…” – Ephesians 5:15-16

When discussing efficiency, I definitely wanted to do a lesson on recycling to help our kids understand how we can make our world more efficient. We have recycling bins, so my kids are somewhat familiar with the concept. However, I haven’t taught them enough about the what recycling really means and why it is important. God has entrusted us with an amazing world he created. We want to treat his masterpiece with respect. As I was searching for ideas, I found some great online resources and games. It was a fun way to talk about recycling, so I thought I’d pass along the interactive sites I found. 

My Garbology at Nature Bridge is a great introduction to the recycling gig. It has very interesting facts that really helped educate me. Some of the details were probably a bit over the kids’ heads, but I found it extremely eye opening and convicting. I loved the challenges set forth at the end of each little interaction.

Recycling Roundup at National Geographic for Kids was a fun game the kids enjoyed. Part of it was helping them getting used to control the mouse. However, they really could understand from the activity what items can be recycled, composted or should be thrown away.

Pouncer’s Gadget
Pouncer’s Gadget is another game at National Geographic. It is a fun game. After you finish a level, it gives a little fact about recycling. The only part of the game other than the facts is that the dump truck continues to come and fill up the landfill and make their balls rise up higher, which you don’t want in this game. You’d have to make that clear. Otherwise, it’s just a fun game. It’s probably the game I would enjoy playing the most. It involves shooting a ball at like colors to make them disappear.  

Recycle Reduce Reuse
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse was a game I found at Sprout Online. It is a simple sorting game. I think it was a little hard to tell what the pictures were. It was an OK game for sorting paper, reusable items, bottles, cans, garbage and compost. I found the other games here more exciting though.

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